Ioish – When The Dogs Define Her – Audio

Ioish, the Indian ambient-rock trio, are currently working on material for the LP Reconstructing Dreams.

Ioish - When The Dogs Define Her


Surfacing today is a demo version of When The Dogs Define Her, the first track to be revealed from the forthcoming album, discovers Iiosh, introduced in early 2016, with a more cinematic wash to the orchestration and given this is merely an unmixed demo signposts an LP of some considerable munificence on its way and as I have more news I will keep you informed.

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Nemra – Daisy – Video

The Armenian electro-rock outfit Nemra last featured in the 2018 New Year Ninety.

Nemra - Daisy


Nemra is a band which has quickly become a staple on the site and this time around a song, which they have not got around to releasing as a recording and only revealed acoustically as a demo, though known to their live audience was recently captured in live performance – Daisy.

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古川麦 (Baku Furukawa) – Halo – Video

The Japanese / US  art-rock project 古川麦 (Baku Furukawa) released the LP シースケープ (Seascape) last week.

古川麦 - photo by - 鈴木 竜一朗 (Ryuichiro Suzuki)

古川麦 – photo by – 鈴木 竜一朗 (Ryuichiro Suzuki)

The nine track album is influenced by the disparate geo-political influences of both childhood and adult life and is a blend of angular jazz-fusion and melted café-rock which is derives its intrigue by the contrasting imagery cast through the listeners mind..

Halo is the sixth track and a fair gateway to シースケープ.


シースケープ – 古川麦 is available on iTunes.*

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tricolor – Across The Border – Video

The Japanese celtic-folk trio tricolor release the LP BIG BAND on the 16th of May.



This, their sixth album, once again attests to their influences drawn from Irish folk in particular and the first song to surface is the first of the eleven songs – Across The Border – which features six guest musicians, as if often their wont.


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Ping Pong Club – Venetian Blinds – Audio

The Indonesian indie-gaze quartet Ping Pong Club released their début single Venetian Blinds on the 19th.

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club

The blending of two synths has the effect of creating music which has a dreamy flow that minds of folding whipped cream in to melted chocolate and the listener finds their mind relaxing in to the luxurious textures of the song, the hazy guitar is stippled by a burbling percussion that gives the track a jazzy underpinning beat while the drifting vocal combinations hypnotise the audience.

Newly out of the blocks and other than this composition there is only a demo version of one other track around, though on the basis of the one fully produced Venetian Blinds and the engaging demo Skylight – a quartet I look forward to hearing more of in the near future.

The single was released as an original plus a remix version (with a guest bassist) and is available on bandcamp. A second remix of the song also surfaced yesterday, though is not on the release.

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