Parzival – Urheimat – Video

The Denmark based neo-classical-metal quintet Parzival – originating from Denmark and Russia – release the LP Urheimat Neugeburt on the 16th of March.

Parzival - Photo by Maiken Kildegaard

Parzival – Photo by Maiken Kildegaard

Deeply rooted in Russian and Danish folklore the nine track album is a rich blend of mutilayered instrumentation and distinctive vocal of foreboding intensity which encases the room in a brooding, bewitching, oppressive atmosphere from which the listener has no desire to escape.

The first of the nine tracks is Urheimat.

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Caramel Ship – Relation – Audio

The USA and Japan split softwave duo Caramel Ship release the LP Marjoram on the 10th.

Caramel Ship

Caramel Ship

There is a graceful turn of mood which filters in to the room on hitting play to the eleven track album (available on bandcamp) as the gentle brushes of drum loops flow in slightly different revolution to the underlying electronica giving the output a slightly glitch feel while the measured vocals deftly wield a silk sheen to the compositions affording the songs a rumpled massage in which the listener wants to scrub their spinal column whilst exhaling in pleasured breath.

The penultimate track is Relation.


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Loop – 42 – Audio

The Filipino alt-indie quartet Loop released the LP Reality and Dreams on the 28th of January.



A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which travels broadly with some material being founded in mathematical-rock, in soul and pitching in to indie-rock, yet all brushed with a distinctive style and delivery that forms a cohesive gel coating the disparity of the journey.

My selection of the release being the fifth track – 42.

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Женя Куковеров (Zhenya Kukoverov) – В саду (In The Garden) – Audio

 Женя Куковеров (Zhenya Kukoverov) is a Russian trippy-lofi project.

Женя Куковеров - (Zhenya Kukoverov)

Женя Куковеров – (Zhenya Kukoverov)

The latest LP to be released – Тайный Оптимист (Secret Optimist) – available on bandcamp – is a fourteen track, roughly one hour and four minutes, journey in which the audience senses they themselves are in danger of becoming the Mad Hatter.

While individual songs, typically running to over four minutes each, are not individually overladen with psychotropics it is the accumulation of the collection of quiet hallucinogen which leaves the mind forming its own fantastical parallel existence.

The fifth song is В саду (In The Garden).

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Band Of The Month – January 2018 – Editors’ Choice

Already January draws to a close – how are your New Years resolutions going? To brighten that thought the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month is…

Falsettos - Band Of The Month – January 2018 – Editors’ Choice


…The Japanese garage-rock quartet Falsettos.

A live version of the track Johnny, which will be on their début and eponymously named LP which comes out on the 2nd of February.

FALSETTOS – FALSETTOS is available on iTunes.*

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