Street Stories – Bedroom Horror – Video

The Indian indie trio Street Stories release the EP Deaf Punk on the 1st of March.

Street Stories - Bedroom Horror

Street Stories

The first track to surface from the EP is the mellowing sounds of Bedroom Horror, in which Street Stories display their ability to capture a melody and deliver music that captivates.

In conjunction with the release of Deaf Punk – Street Stories will be on a two week tour across swathes of India:

March 2nd – Antisocial, New Delhi
March 3rd – Hard Rock Cafe India, Andheri, Mumbai
March 4th – The Humming Tree, Bangalore
March 5th – Houz of Blues, Hyderabad
March 6th – The High Spirits!!, Pune
March 10th – Hard Rock Cafe India, Gurgaon
March 11th – Cloud 9 – Resto Lounge, Shillong
March 13th – Cafe Hendrix, Guwahati

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Deer – I Want It All – Video

It has been a year since the Hong Kong based trip-hop duo Deer were introduced.

Deer - I Want It All


Their first song of the year has been made available as a live video.

I Want It All has everything in it that makes Deer such a fascinating duo. Like slowly moving trebuchets being wheeled to the castle walls the looping electronic beats dispassionately rotate round the ears, whilst the voice circles around the head in equal menace before distorted guitar joins in to the rising sense of the impending siege of deafening silence and for me, the palpable pounding in the ears that results when the sounds abruptly stop, forms part of the track.

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Ioish – Yugen – Audio

The Indian ambient-rock trio Ioish released the LP We Move The Sky on the 20th.



The fourth of the six tracks on the LP Yugen eases its way into the room as though caught in a light breeze as the electronics and instrumentation quietly flow to the accompaniment of brushed percussion.

Yugen extends for over seven minutes and the first three and a third lull the listener into a calm relaxation before breaking out like a typhoon suddenly appearing as heavy guitar riffs explode from nowhere along with a the brushes being replaced by sticks on the drums as the tempo picks up with an ever increasing impetus of percussion for the next three and a third before quietly fading away into silence.

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Ykiki Beat – Modern Lies – Video

The Japanese indie-rock band Ykiki Beat were introduced last year.

Ykiki Beat - Modern Lies

Ykiki Beat

From the LP When The World Is Wide, the second of the eight tracks Modern Lies combines both a hazy layer of synth as well as a punchy pace giving the track an immediate resonance with the listener that has them coming back for more.

When the World is Wide – Ykiki Beat is available on iTunes.*

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Наадя (Naadia) – Омут (Whirlpool) – Video

Наадя (Naadia) is a Russian dream-wave quintet.

Наадя (Naadia)

Наадя (Naadia)

Combining synths and instrumentation together with an evocative vocal allows Наадя (Naadia) to deliver music that soars around the room like a murmuration of Starlings sweeping across the skies.

From their eponymous LP, the fifth of the eleven tracks Омут (Whirlpool) wraps the listener in tender embrace as shifts of pace and intensity massage the body and soul. Наадя (Naadia) is able to invest the track with the passion and gentleness of exploring a lovers body as the instrumentation and synthetics glide around in shifting patterns of touch, whilst the voice soothes and teases.

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Наадя – Наадя is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.