Наадя (Naadia) – Спутник (Satellite) – Video

The Russian dream-wave band Наадя (Naadia) have regularly appeared since their introduction in 2016.

Наадя (Naadia) - Спутник (Satellite)


Recorded in live performance in Moscow and of more punctuated countenance than music of theirs more usually featured.

Спутник (Satellite) revolves around a skittish electronica through which the scintillating voice of Надежда Грицкевич (Nadya Griskiewicz) echoes as though imploring from a buried sarcophagus.

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Grey Watson – Love Is Good, Its #1 (feat. The Visions) – Single Review

The South Korean based electro-alt-rock project Grey Watson released the single Love Is Good, Its #1 yesterday.

Grey Watson

Grey Watson

More typically releasing music of less optimistic feel Love Is Good, Its #1 is an electro-washed celebration of all the positives of love without being either a slushy fest of ‘new love’ nor an exposition of long term relationships – rather an upbeat statement of principal.

The almost pragmatic starting point of perspective enables the song to have both a feel-good vibe, whilst retain a depth of sonic structure as guitars and electronica weave through each other. The vocal spinning in and out of focus and tempo changes gives the track a vaguely retro funk-groove underbelly.


Love Is Good, Its #1 (feat. The Visions) – Grey Watson is available on iTunes.*

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Nilein – Central Park – Single Review

The Indian slofi trio Nilein revealed the song Central Park on the 25th.



This is another one of those moments when me being late to an email, on this occasion from April of last year, has borne fruit with new material, therefore an apology for not getting to older material sooner.

Central Park slips slowly in to earshot as it peers tentatively out of the speakers, minding of a dormouse wandering in to a potential spot in which to hibernate and spotting some comfortable nesting and busying itself building a bed prior to quietly resolving into slumber merely a tad over three minutes later, yet hypnotically engrossing the audience with its tentative and careful footstep though the course of the fleeting moments of its activity.

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Harmonica Creams – Thirtyy Ears – Video

The Japanese celtic-folk band Harmonica Creams release the LP Stereotype on the 28th of March.

Harmonica Creams

Harmonica Creams

The first song to surface is the second of the ten on the album – Thirtyy Ears – an instrumental number which showcases their always intriguing blend of celtic-folk with influences from both Southern-blues and the more local traditions to deliver music which is a superlative fusion and east and west.


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ピノキオピー (PinocchioP) – デラシネ (Derachine) – Video

ピノキオピー (PinocchioP) is a Japanese EDM creator.



The most recent reveal to surface being a live version of デラシネ (Derachine) recorded at the 14th Tokyo International Music Market.

Regularly to be found playing at packed events throughout Japan where prerecordings and live versions of tracks which are delivered to enthusiastic audiences.


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