The Aprons – Day Off – Video

The Israeli atmospheric-indie duo The Aprons are planning to release the LP Any Human Heart later in the year.

The Aprons - Day Off

The Aprons

The first track to appear from the album is Day Off.

Although it has been three years since The Aprons last featured, there is an immediately recognisable sound that floats into the ears. Their music always makes me think of dandelion clocks dispersing in the breeze as the tracks have the delicacy of gossamer wings and Day Off is a good example of their style.

A mirage like vocal is surrounded by softness of instrumentation while the bass and percussion form the solidity of Day Off as The Aprons make a welcome return in to earshot.

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Saint God

The Tel Aviv, Israel, based duo of Shura (Vocals / Drums) and Tim (Guitar) form the gaze-rock band Saint God.

Saint God - Gauze-rock from Israel

Saint God

Shadowing reflexives behind gauze Saint God are able to deliver to the audience precise percussion and muted vocal with guitar that sheens in and out of focus, giving the duo the ability to cast bait to the audience on which they focus, only to pull it away from sight leaving the listener grabbing for air and it is this entrancing combination of out-stretched arms which suddenly snap behind back that makes for a sound well worth getting to know.

Formed last year Saint God have been able to put out a three track single Realise and a ten track LP Montefiore (both available on bandcamp)and have set themselves as musicians with an urgency to say something about the Government which represents them by which the world judges them. In the same way that those of other regions are judged by their bureaucrats. It is always better to hear from those who are working to make a difference and you find yourself reading though the various sites about musicians from Iran and Israel as well as Iraq, Lebanon and Syria who attempt to do the best they can to make a difference.

I thank musicians – such as Saint God who strive to make a difference to the world in which they live, for which they receive no regard by the wider populace.

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Russo & Weinberg – Travel – Video

Russo & Weinberg is an Israeli alt-folk duo.

Russo & Weinberg - Travel

Russo & Weinberg

Travel is a track wrapped in more generous electronics than material previously featured and with the two contrasting voices Russo & Weinberg are able to provide the listener with a rich seam of sound in which to lay, relaxed and comforted, nestled from the world around.

Mentioned in the previous article was their début LP, at the time in progress, Stay has now been released and is available on bandcamp. Travel is the second of the nine tracks.

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Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows is  – Omri Dagan (Vocals / Acoustic guitar), Lia Sherman (Violin / Vocals), Mihai Cernea (Harmonica / percussion), Liron Hazan (Bass / Contrabass) and Israel Nizri (Percussion) –  an alt-folk band from Tel Aviv in Israel.

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows - alt-folk from Israel

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows

Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows produce music which has a mournful resonance without stepping to melancholia as the quintet provide a commentary on the ride of life with its disappointments, sadnesses, high points and opportunities. Whilst firmly rooted in the acoustic folk territory, they have been able to add a soupçon of rock ‘n’ roll inflections to deliver a surprisingly rolling flow to the music.

With the flexibility of the range of instruments the quintet is able to invest the compositions with emotional relevance which gives the resulting out-put a captivating presence. These are not songs you are going to pull out for a tub-thumping party night, but certainly worth reaching for on a quiet evening at home with a few friends.

To be found on the local live circuit, Omri Dagan and The Wild Willows have enough about them for this to work well across geographic boundaries.

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Protomythos from Tel Alviv in Israel is the solo alternative rock musician Tom Treivish.

Protomythos - alt-rock from Israel

Protomythos – alt-rock from Israel

An idea formed in Toms’ mind and the project Protomythos came to fruition. Much like the calming material the ideas were not rushed and over the course of a couple of years a number of tracks were selected and packaged into the ten track LP – In Human Sight – from which 20% of the profits will be donated to animal charities.

In many ways this sits in the middle of middle of the road rock, however there are flights of fancy along the way, which gives the music notches in which to explore and whilst never steering too far off the path, there is enough leverage to stand the music out from the crowd. This is music to take in bite-sized pieces, unless you are a particular fan of conceptual rock, but for me allowing tracks to be digested before sitting down another time, is where I gained most from Protomythos else the heavy curtains weighed down too heavily on my ears.

There is a very studied pace to the output which is matched with the instrumentation and compositions, giving the material considerable impact. Whilst it may not be my favourite music of the year, this is a top quality example of the genre and well worth taking time to explore. If it is a style in which you find a natural home, then it is unlikely that you will find anything of higher standard any-time soon.


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