The Aprons – Fear Of Heights – Audio

The Israeli atmospheric-indie duo The Aprons were introduced earlier in the year.

The Aprons - photo by Nir Cang

The Aprons – photo by Nir Cang

From the LP Any Human Heart, which is scheduled for later in the year, Fear Of Heights is the second track to surface.

Opening with a sequence of piano the track melts like chocolate in a warming bowl merging hushed merges of vocal, percussion, guitars and electronics to be joined by a scintillating harp which gives the track a distinctive other-worldliness.

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Jozzef – War Is Over – Video

Jozzef is an Israeli alt-folk musician.



Whilst somewhat leaping from current reality Jozzef projects the music to future generations. In a just under three and a half minute track – War Is Over, which for its very title stretches out embrace from arms not of the here and now in a composition which has a dreamy quality that challenges the listener to reconsider their acceptance of the equilibrium of today.

Jozzef has a sentience of protest, which rather than being confrontational suggest another path and certainly musically one worth exploring and I look forward to hearing more from him to follow this, his, début single.

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Saint God – Narasvette – Video

The Israel based gaze-rock duo Saint God released the two track single Narasvette on the 6th.

Saint God - Narasvette - artwork

Saint God – Narasvette – artwork

The title track, like a chamsin, fills the room with an oppressive dust storm and a sense of isolation which wraps around the listener in a screen of distortion. Causing the mind to loose sense of relative perspectives and becoming ever more disposed to merely finding bearings.

The malcontent of the sounds of Narasvette (available on bandcamp) wrack the mind into shattered fragments as the shards of silicate graze over the audience leaving them feeling as though their mind has been scrubbed with a pumice-stone.

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Protomythos – House of Slaughter – Video

First introduced in 2013, it has been a couple of years since the Israeli dark-rock project Protomythos last featured.

Protomythos - In Human Side - artwork back cover

Protomythos – In Human Side – artwork back cover

From the LP In Human Sight (available on bandcamp) – the third of the ten tracks – House Of Slaughter reminds why I am looking forward to a new album surfacing at some point.

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Lara Snow – I Like Snow – Video

Lara Snow is an electro-rock project from Israel.

Lara Snow - photo by Anton Nosovitsky

Lara Snow – photo by Anton Nosovitsky

A live performance of I Like Snow, the penultimate of the four tracks on the EP We Are Animals, captures the core elements of the inclusive energy of Lara Snow.

Lara Snow is about to set off on an extensive pan-European tour with dates in Canada in May.

Mar 31 Nabaklab – Riga, Latvia
Apr 01 MCB – Jelgava, Latvia
Apr 02 Fontaine Palace – Liepaja, Latvia
Apr 03 Artilerijas Pagrabi – Daugavpils, Latvia
Apr 06 Dom Literatury – Łódź, Poland
Apr 07 Metronom – Warszawa, Poland
Apr 08 Art Cafe Kalambur – Wroclaw, Poland
Apr 09 Café V Lese – Prague, Czech Republic
Apr 11 Instant – Budapest, Hungary
Apr 15 OYS Bar & Kafé – Gallen, Switzerland
Apr 18 Pop In – Paris, France
Apr 22 Pooca Bar – Hamburg, Germany
Apr 23 MÓZG – Bydgoszcz, Poland
Apr 28 Roxy – Ulm, Germany
Apr 29 Club Platinum – Eggenfelden, Germany
Apr 30 Club Stereo – Nuremberg, Germany

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