‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) – A Thousand Eyes – Audio

The England originating Israel / Switzerland based alt-rock duo ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) released the LP A Mile Until Dawn on the 18th.

'Les Paul's' (The Paul's) - A Mile Until Dawn - artwork

‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) – A Mile Until Dawn – artwork

The dozen track just under seventy minute album takes the listener on an aural landscape of intrigue and discovery.

As regular readers know I am a punk rock vocalist from the ’70s and to me a song that lasts more than three minutes seems like an idea I couldn’t sustain, yet, within A Mile Until Dawn lay two tracks heading towards seven minutes long, with eight of them longer than five minutes  – and the duo are able to have me thinking – ‘well they could have run for longer without me gritting my teeth’ as ‘Les Paul’s’ (The Paul’s) invest in each piece many ideas, yet none of them extravagant or extraneous and there is nothing that could have shaved from any of the compositions that would have done other than to detract from their value.

My selection from the album is the third – A Thousand Eyes.


A Mile Until Dawn – Les Pauls is available on iTunes.*

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Noga Erez – Dance While You Shoot – Single Review

The Israeli glitch-hop creator Noga Erez released her début single Dance While You Shoot on the 2nd.

Noga Erez - photo credit - Lior.K - Music Photography

 Noga Erez – photo credit –  Lior.K – Music Photography

Ruffle up the curtains and let the swooping bass buckle the window panes. Noga Erez in Dance While You Shoot launches music across the room that needs to have sub-woofers set to low and volume turned high – if you are intending to listen to this on the tinny output of a mobile phone, or a tablet, with or without ear-plugs – change the play back vehicle and harness a full speaker audio enabled device and revel in the collisions of tweeters and bass speakers colliding against each other as they circumnavigate the room in bellowing waves of sound.

Those who know the site well, are aware that laying next to me as I write music reviews is an elderly Pekingese by the name of Gnotti and he rarely comments on the music hurling around the room – on Dance While You Shoot – he felt the desire to join in with quizzical barks – which given that he puts up with me with my irregular hours and continual noise, infrequently passing any interest – is a testament that you too will be moved and if you aren’t is perhaps indicative that you are reading the wrong the site to discover the best developing acts from around the globe.


Dance While You Shoot – Single – Noga Erez is available on iTunes.*

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LOCO HOT – I’m A Tribe – Video

The Israeli alt-hop project LOCO HOT last featured in 2014.

LOCO HOT - I'm A Tribe - artwork

LOCO HOT – I’m A Tribe – artwork

Their latest single I’m A Tribe which was released on the 21st features A-WA and signatures with their instantly recognisable traditional folk roots blended inside electro-dance loops.

I’m a Tribe (feat. A-WA) – Single – LOCO-HOT is available on iTunes.*

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Kokopele – The Anything – Audio

The Israeli delta-rock band Kokopele are finalising details for their début LP for release mid 2017.



The first track to surface The Anything – made available as a standalone single on the 17th on bandcamp – inveigles its way into the marrow of the bones as the fire-side thumping percussion, which you could imagine being the first vestiges or music from the days of living in caves and the first formations of human tribal bonding combines with equally instinctive chanting vocal while grumbling guitar gives the track its cohesive thread as the sounds run up and down the walls.

This is a track best enjoyed with sub-woofers set to extreme low and volume turned high as at that point the listener can feel the music unifying with brain as the audience and Kokopele become as one.

Although Kokopele is newly out of the box these are experienced musicians – as is demonstrated in The Anything.

website – (be aware music starts immediately).

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LuBaZuK – Safe – Video

LuBaZuK is an Israeli dream-rock outfit.



By way of an introduction a live version of an as yet unreleased song – Safe.

A just under seven minute piece that slowly uncurls akin to smoke drifting through the room as electronics and instrumentation blend together from which quietly delivered vocal appears, as though an apparition.


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