White Lemon Delirium – Geddewei – Audio

The trippy-rock quartet of Mirza Lazuardi (Guitar), Farhan Fazrian (Guitar), Prayoga Adhitama (Bass) and Barsya Prastoro (Drums) from Bandung (Indonesia) known as White Lemon Delirium released the LP Mind’s Eye on the 10th.

White Lemon Delirium

White Lemon Delirium

A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which fuses progressive rock, psychedelia and space-rock in to manageable slices and rather than disappearing in to vortex of spiralling hallucinogenics the quartet create music that has a steadying keel in which the listener can find a buoyancy of ready comprehensibility.

By allowing the compositions to have a fairly approachable demeanour they also afford the songs something of an extemporised feel by which the audience finds their mind becoming ever more transfixed.

The antepenultimate track is Geddewei.

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Damon Koeswoyo – Sepi – Video

Damon Koeswoyo is an Indonesian cinematic-rock musician.

Damon Koeswoyo - photo by @imusic_id

Damon Koeswoyo – photo by @imusic_id

Thematics of art-rock, melodic indie and electro-dance are melded in to a retrospective array of warm tones in the début single Sepi. The well paced and structured composition leads the listener to believe there is much more in the bag to explore by Damon and I look forward to hearing future material.

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Sepi – Damon Koeswoyo is available on iTunes.*

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Dimas Aji Project – Botanical Sky – Audio

Rumour has it that the Indonesian instrumental-progrock Dimas Aji Project will be realising an LP in short order.

Dimas Aji Project

Dimas Aji Project

The third single to surface this year Botanical Sky was released on the 27th of June. A one hundred and seventy seconds buttery spread of tripped out winding guitar layered with hushed samples.

Botanical Sky – Dimas Aji Project is available on iTunes.*

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Ping Pong Club – Venetian Blinds – Audio

The Indonesian indie-gaze quartet Ping Pong Club released their début single Venetian Blinds on the 19th.

Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club

The blending of two synths has the effect of creating music which has a dreamy flow that minds of folding whipped cream in to melted chocolate and the listener finds their mind relaxing in to the luxurious textures of the song, the hazy guitar is stippled by a burbling percussion that gives the track a jazzy underpinning beat while the drifting vocal combinations hypnotise the audience.

Newly out of the blocks and other than this composition there is only a demo version of one other track around, though on the basis of the one fully produced Venetian Blinds and the engaging demo Skylight – a quartet I look forward to hearing more of in the near future.

The single was released as an original plus a remix version (with a guest bassist) and is available on bandcamp. A second remix of the song also surfaced yesterday, though is not on the release.

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Sugarstar – Delirious – Single Review

The Indonesian shoegaze outfit Sugarstar, released the single Delirious on the 6th.



Always maintaining an air of anonymity, despite their global audience and never getting round to releasing an album though a plethora of songs appear in odd corners of the internet, with rumours of a computer crash wiping all the masters. Sugarstar were last officially heard of back in the early ’00s with the founder, Joseph Saryuf, surfacing with his now wife Anindita Saryuf in the guise of Santamonica, who themselves last revealed news in 2015.

A couple of days ago a new track, featuring Anindita entitled Delirous surfaced which is a delicious blend of distortion and glitch.

Nothing has officially been announced, although Anindita features in the track though wasn’t part of the original line-up and yesterday Sinjintos Records, which is the brainchild of Joseph commented –   ‘After 12 years of hiatus, shoegaze band from Jakarta, Sugarstar, finally releases an official new single ‘Delirious’ featuring Anindita Saryuf‘. Whether this signifies Sugarstar are back or not remains open to conjecture.

Either way – the first song for a dozen years by Sugarstar with an official release – Delirious.

Delirious (feat. Anindita Saryuf) – Sugarstar is available on iTunes.*

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