22Cats – Forever Low – Audio

The alt-rock quartet 22Cats, from Hong Kong, will be releasing the EP Undecided at The Orange Room, Wai Yip Street, Hong Kong, on the 25th of August.



An intoxicating mix of minimalist and maths rock laid to an ambient hush and extended instrumental in the second song to surface from the EP – Forever Low – allows 22Cats to create an experimental, though readily comprehensible, roughly six minutes, composition.

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Deer – Wild Eyes – Video

The Hong Kong based electro-rock duo Deer revealed their latest track on the 1st.

Deer - Wild Eyes


Wild Eyes is more guitar orientated than music of theirs previously while retaining the underpinning of electronica allowing them to deliver a song which fills the room in a deep-purple haze as the mesmeric vocal takes the spotlight.

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my little airport – 攻陷你的西 (Decline Of The West) – Audio

The Hong Kong based electro-rock band my little airport were introduced earlier in the year.

my little airport - 攻陷你的西 (Decline Of The West)

my little airport

Their latest track 攻陷你的西 (Decline Of The West) is a heavier, snarling composition contemplating of the fracturing of societal structures which result in divisions and resentments that pit one against the other in futile internecine skirmishes, battling against each others interests while ignoring the real problems.

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my little airport – 今天沒大麻在身 (Marijuana Free, Today) – Audio

my little airport is a Hong Kong based alt-electro outfit.

my little airport

my little airport

In support of the 20th of April – 420 Day – they put out a new song – 今天沒大麻在身 (Marijuana Free, Today).

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Deer – I Want It All – Video

It has been a year since the Hong Kong based trip-hop duo Deer were introduced.

Deer - I Want It All


Their first song of the year has been made available as a live video.

I Want It All has everything in it that makes Deer such a fascinating duo. Like slowly moving trebuchets being wheeled to the castle walls the looping electronic beats dispassionately rotate round the ears, whilst the voice circles around the head in equal menace before distorted guitar joins in to the rising sense of the impending siege of deafening silence and for me, the palpable pounding in the ears that results when the sounds abruptly stop, forms part of the track.

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