Kosmogyr – Thalassic Lunacy – Audio

The black metal Czech / Chinese duo Kosmogyr released the LP Eviternity digitally on the 9th.

Kosmogyr - Thalassic Lunacy


A nine track album (available on bandcamp as a digital version or as a CD), is an immersive roughly fifty three minutes of unremitting musical assault. As in previous music featured rather than centering on volume the powerhouse is created through an irrepressible drum-kit paired with the destructive guitar creating luxuriant distorted melodies while the vocal howls as though looming from a tomb.

The opening track Sui Generis, that lasts for only ninety two seconds, lulls the listener in to a state of calm as though a decoy prior to the ensuing tsunami crashing in to the room.

The approaching eight minutes of the closer Thalassic Lunacy being my pick of the release.

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Deer – Wild Eyes – Video

The Hong Kong based electro-rock duo Deer revealed their latest track on the 1st.

Deer - Wild Eyes


Wild Eyes is more guitar orientated than music of theirs previously while retaining the underpinning of electronica allowing them to deliver a song which fills the room in a deep-purple haze as the mesmeric vocal takes the spotlight.

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Kosmogyr – Quiescent – Single Review

The Czech Republic / China based black-metal duo Kosmogyr released their début single on the 25th.



Quiescent (available on bandcamp) is a cement liquefying just over six minutes of roaring menace. Opening with quiet harmony the listener is lulled in to a sense of security, until suddenly, like a car suffering from turbo lag a pulverising roar hurtles in to the room careening in a menacing furious pace. As the ears become accustomed, so, the slowly paced guitar melodic structure emerges from the throbbing tumult giving the sense of running at two distinct speeds and marks the track for its ability to deliver the unexpected whilst the distorted vocal provides these two elements in Quiescent their cohesive quality.

News also arrives of an LP due for release later in the year.

Those of longer stay will perhaps recall a Czech Republic and China tie up, based in Shanghai in the form of Death To PoniesIvan Belcic is the common thread.

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my little airport – 攻陷你的西 (Decline Of The West) – Audio

The Hong Kong based electro-rock band my little airport were introduced earlier in the year.

my little airport - 攻陷你的西 (Decline Of The West)

my little airport

Their latest track 攻陷你的西 (Decline Of The West) is a heavier, snarling composition contemplating of the fracturing of societal structures which result in divisions and resentments that pit one against the other in futile internecine skirmishes, battling against each others interests while ignoring the real problems.

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Spencer Tarring – Flight DL636 – Audio

The China based EDM producer Spencer Tarring was introduced in 2014.

Spencer Tarring - Flight DL636

Spencer Tarring

His most recent track set for official release on the 22nd of August Flight DL636 was created on the aforementioned flight number somewhere between Tokyo (Japan) and Los Angeles (USA).

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