Nemra – Room N11 – Video

Always a pleasure to return to the Armenian electro-rock band Nemra.

Nemra - photo - ©Emin Sartagar Aristakesyan

Nemra – photo – ©Emin Sartagar Aristakesyan

A new video surfaced last week from a concert at the Yerevan State Puppet Theatre of the track Room N11 – which is a darker countenance than music of their previously featured, shining a light on a band, who, were it not for geo-political location would, I am certain, have a more globally known face.

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Nemra & Lav Eli – Qo Achqery – Video

The Armenian electro-rock band Nemra teamed up with some of the members of the alt-rock band, also from Armenia, Lav Eli, for a few songs in a concert at the end of last month.

Nemra and Lavi Eli - Puppet Theatre Of Yereva (Armenia) 31st of May 2018

Nemra and Lavi Eli – Puppet Theatre Of Yereva (Armenia) 31st of May 2018

One of which, evidently well known by the audience – Qo achery – written by Lav Eli was revealed as a video a few days ago.

On the off-chance, like me you find yourself unable to stop joining in with the chorus –

Քո աչքերը ինձ դարձրել են խելագար,
Քո շուրթերը գինետուն են ինձ համար

(Your eyes, they drive me wild,
Your lips, are sweet for me)

Lav Eli – website

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Nemra – Daisy – Video

The Armenian electro-rock outfit Nemra last featured in the 2018 New Year Ninety.

Nemra - Daisy


Nemra is a band which has quickly become a staple on the site and this time around a song, which they have not got around to releasing as a recording and only revealed acoustically as a demo, though known to their live audience was recently captured in live performance – Daisy.

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Band Of The Month – December 2017 – Editors’ Choice

The final selection of 2017 for the Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month.

Before the year closes I would once again like to thank all the musicians from around the world for their endeavours, whether they make contact, are ever featured or not – you do make the world a brighter place, thank you. Somehow I feel the video shot live in pouring rain with fans enjoying the music in this the Editors’ selection for this month extrapolates this thought far better than text can ever express…

Nemra - Band Of The Month December 2017


…from Armenia – Nemra.

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Nemra – Born In 94 – Single Review

The Armenian electro-rock band Nemra revealed the single Born In 94 on the 3rd.



For a while now Nemra and I have been exchanging emails with timing never quite being matched, so it is with some delight, finally everything has aligned with Born In 94.

Immediately on hitting play the listener finds themselves joining in with the skipping beat that joyfully steps through the room. Keys and bass conjoin to deepen the score marks of the footsteps while the guitar is freed to give the song its texturing while the vocal pirouettes through the ears leaving the audience delighted to have spent time in their company.

As importantly Nemra are not a one trick pony as they are equally adept are delivering more compacted blues infused rock’n’roll and it comes as no surprise they are well received in their locale, it is however a sadness that their music is not better known internationally.

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