Nemra & Lav Eli – Qo Achqery – Video

The Armenian electro-rock band Nemra teamed up with some of the members of the alt-rock band, also from Armenia, Lav Eli, for a few songs in a concert at the end of last month.

Nemra and Lavi Eli - Puppet Theatre Of Yereva (Armenia) 31st of May 2018

Nemra and Lavi Eli – Puppet Theatre Of Yereva (Armenia) 31st of May 2018

One of which, evidently well known by the audience – Qo achery – written by Lav Eli was revealed as a video a few days ago.

On the off-chance, like me you find yourself unable to stop joining in with the chorus –

Քո աչքերը ինձ դարձրել են խելագար,
Քո շուրթերը գինետուն են ինձ համար

(Your eyes, they drive me wild,
Your lips, are sweet for me)

Lav Eli – website

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阿佐ヶ谷ロマンティクス (Asagaya Romantics) – 君の待つ方へ (Waiting For You) – Video

The Japanese j-pop-dancehall quartet 阿佐ヶ谷ロマンティクス (Asagaya Romantics) released the LP 灯がともる頃には (By The Time The Sun Come Up) on the 16th.

阿佐ヶ谷ロマンティクス (Asagaya Romantics)


The fifth track is the ska influenced, keys fused – 君の待つ方へ (Waiting For You), which has the infectious dance beat of dancehall, allied to the joie de vivre of j-pop.


灯がともる頃には – 阿佐ヶ谷ロマンティクス is available on iTunes.*

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אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) – בתפילות שלי (In My Prayers) – Video

The Israeli alt-rock project אורן ברזילי (Oren Barzilay) is currently finalising details for a new LP.

אורן ברזילי - photo credit Uriel Even Sapir

אורן ברזילי – photo credit Uriel Even Sapir

The first track to surface from the album – בתפילות שלי (In My Prayers) again showcases the strength of melody and voice which always makes it a pleasure to discover music by a creator who first featured in 2014.

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There’s too much – 生四 Farisa (the girl with the golden voice) – Audio

The Japanese based New Zealand ambient drone project There’s too much revealed the latest song 生四 Farisa (the girl with the golden voice) on the 4th.

There`s too much - 生四 Farisa (the girl with the golden voice)

There`s too much

Unlike previous material featured by There’s Too Much since introduction in 2013, 生四 Farisa (the girl with the golden voice), doesn’t fill the room with an oppressive dystopian darkness – though do bear in mind drone is never chirpy, it does however fill the room with a carrier signal which burrows deep in to the mind, extending for a margin under six and five sixths minutes.

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Struggle Session – Good Earth, Mad City – Audio

Struggle Session is a China based agit-rock quartet.

Struggle Session

Struggle Session

A quartet made up of musicians from Morocco, China, the USA and Australia who tirelessly tour both nationally and internationally – Struggle Session deliver music which side-swipes against a world of silos with a brutal tsunami of sound which despite its initial seeming wall of spittle is in fact predominately humorous and satirically scathing while offering a hand of inclusion to those who care about a world of equality and dismissive of those who don’t.

Their most recent release, which came out on the 5th, was a ten track split record with the Chinese outfit Arryam of which they were responsible for four (available on bandcamp), my pick of which is Good Earth, Mad City.

social media page

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