The Medicine Dolls – Excuse Me Misbehaviour – Single Review

The South African new-wave trio The Medicine Dolls who were in the New Year Ninety have surfaced with a new track.

The Medicine Dolls - Excuse Me Misbehaviour

The Medicine Dolls

Excuse Me Misbehaviour is all that has made The Medicine Dolls an outfit who readers enjoy hearing from.

The just over four minute track creates its own echoes, sounding as though it is being served from a deep cellar in a song which swirls around the whirlpool of varying levels of lo-fidelity sound and the listener finds themselves regretful only that they don’t too live in Cape Town to join them in live performance.

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Two Stroke – On Me – Audio

The South African garage-rock trio Two Stroke released an eponymous three track single on the 11th.

Two Stroke

Two Stroke

Originally the solo project of Ellenie Eloff and recently evolved to a full line-up this is the first release by Two Stroke as a trio. None of the raw bleeding knuckles of previous work has been lost though by the addition of other players in the creation of the music it does enable a more nuanced sound to emerge from the speakers as each member adds their own technique and interpretation of the songs.

My pick of the Two Stroke single (available on bandcamp) is middle track On Me which has an ’80s new-wave feel to it as ill-tempered drums bounce around the room with pugilistic bass obstinately insisting the track ploughs direct lines from one corner to the other from which emerges a swingeing fuzz-laden guitar that prefer to drill holes in the ceiling while vocals swathe the head in flecks of spittle and it all makes perfect sense as the trio cohesively deliver two and eleven twelfths of a minutes of sublime rock from which all fat has been sliced.

Turn up the volume and dance.

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The Medicine Dolls

From Cape Town in South Africa surface the new-wave trio Greg Allan, Arabella and Anro Femurs who form The Medicine Dolls.

The Medicine Dolls

The Medicine Dolls

The bleeding edges of guitar spill out of the speakers prior to bass bursting open the sub-woofers whilst sparky drum-kit bounces around the room from which a signature vocal parades as the trio teases that volume is turned ever louder.

Delivering the sounds of frustration in a world of askew relationships The Medicine Dolls reflect of unrequited connectivity from the standpoint of – If Only This Then That and the reality of IFTTT automated devices where the theory all sounds good but the actuality is less than satisfying, which they slurry out of the speakers in satisfying retort and a trio I look forward to hearing much more of in short order.

Formerly the quartet –  The Nasty Narcotics and now slimmed back to the trio to announce their continuation as an entity – they released their début three track single Loose Change on the 18th.

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Khwezi – Living Life At The Mall – Audio

Khwezi is an electro-dance producer from South Africa.



A new track to surface in the past few hours – Living Life At The Mall – discovers Khwezi in insular moment with a contemporary glance out of the lift, which when I come back with a fuller feature will put this into context.

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The Plastics – All I Really Want – Video

The South African psychedelic-indie band The Plastics were introduced in late 2014.

The Plastics - In Threes - artwork

The Plastics – In Threes – artwork

A live version of the sixth track of the nine on the LP In ThreesAll I Really Want was recently captured in London (England).

Glittering guitars light up the room in a version of All I Really Want that is played slightly more slowly than on the album (which is available on bandcamp), as the vocal lays filtered through echoing voile whilst drums and bass register changes in tempo.

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