Hama – Terroir – Audio

Mahamadou Moussa from Niamey (Niger) who performs as Hama will be releasing the electro-desert-folk LP Houmeissa on the 18th of January 2019.


A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which reflects of the local spacious night skies in an analogue effect journey of extraterrestrial ever changing synthesised loops of expanding soundscape in which the listener is invited to travel as far as their mind desires.

The opening song is somewhat appropriately for the launching pad of an expanding LP entitled Terroir.

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Maurice Louca – The Leper – Audio

Maurice Louca, an ambient dreamscape creator from Cairo (Egypt), releases the LP Elephantine on the 1st of February 2019.

Maurice Louca - Photo by David Višnjić
Maurice Louca – Photo © David Višnjić

An extensive body of work, Elephantine (available on bandcamp) stretches to thirty nine minutes in its six tracks which draw from a dozen musicians in a cinematic creamy nexus of varied North African and Middle Eastern oasis that minds of traversing a wadi by star light.

The opening track is the almost eight and three quarters minutes – The Leper

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Elle E – London Paris New York Berlin – Audio

The South African garage rocker Elle E releases the LP Etiquette on the 21st.

Elle E

Elle E

Casting a scornful look at the mores of societal construct Elle E delivers, in Etiquette (available on bandcamp), a sardonic, sarcastic, sideswipe at the self-satisfied smugness of suburban lifestyle.

A project that has build a momentum of its own without any initial expectation other than a means to exorcise frustrations with the world around, Elle E has found a ready and enthusiastic audience which can only be enhanced by the eight track album.

An LP I highly recommend grabbing hold of and enjoy from first note to last – making the opener – London Paris New York Berlin – which minds of The Chiffons, as good a place to start as any.


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FreeVibe – A New Day – Audio

The Ghanaian rapper FreeVibe released the LP Upness on the 1st.



An eight track album that mixes up a range of moods from outward looking dance tunes to introspective recollections, yet always of optimistic countenance and a roughly twenty five minutes release which can be brought out at any moment to improve the rhythm of life.

The second track, my pick of the release, is A New Day – which reflects, as suggested on the tin, of the opportunities there for the taking in the grasp of a new dawn.


Upness – Freevibe is available on iTunes.*

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ArsenLuna – Foolish Things – Audio

ArsenLuna is a South African art-rock project.



Only seven songs are available to hear, revealed in blocks of three roughly half a year apart plus one song surfacing just over a month ago, each timestamp being of different staging, held together by an impressively expressive vocal and mood setting pianoforte.

The most recent set, under the collective name of Bleu, surfaced on the 13th and resonates of theatrical setting with the songs taking on the demeanour of both off-stage whisper and expansive back of house resonance.

Charne Cathleen Vermeulen in the guise of ArsenLuna is a musician I look forward to hearing more of in short order possessing both a completely absorbing voice as well as finely tuned song writing ability.

By way of an introduction from Bleu – the closer Foolish Things.

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