A Conversation With….. Ilima Considine

In October I had the opportunity to speak to Ilima Considine also known as The Sexbots.

A Conversation with.... Ilima Considine

A Conversation with…. Ilima Considine

We talk about the cold, running around in the woods in a nightgown, the emotional turmoil of creating and performing music and much more…

More about Ilima Considine.

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Songs For Jamil is available via bandcamp.

With thanks to Ben Sommers who is a musician and also works with the Video Production Company Smoke No Pony for his help in stepping in and putting images to the audio.

A Conversation With… Tallulah Rendall

Having first written about her music back in 2011 it was a pleasure to finally chat with Tallulah Rendall, from England, who had a conversation with me about crowd-funding, gigs in kitchens, art installations, her latest LP and more.

A Conversation With.... Tallulah Rendall

Tallulah Rendall

The Banshee And The Moon was reviewed in full in June.

Tallulah Rendall website for release and tour news.

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A Conversation With…. Bandintexas

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Bandintexas talking about not having sex with your bandmates, name changes, a challenge to a SXSW play-off and more….

An Interview With... Bandintexas

An Interview With… Bandintexas

A full band review will be published on the 21st, but what better way to get to find out about Bandintexas other than a conversation.

For the interview all four members – Sophie, Jackie, Lauren and Kelly took the time out to talk about the ups and downs of life as an emerging band.

The ABCD-EP – Bandintexas is available on iTunes*.

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