Casual Strangers

Katey Gunn (Vocals / Lapsteel / Triwave), Paul Waclawsky (Vocals / Guitar), Jaylinn Davidson (Synth / Bass) and Jake Mitchell (Drums / Samples) from Austin in the USA combine to form the alt-rock outfit Casual Strangers.

Casual Strangers - alt-rock from the USA

Casual Strangers

Drifting across the room are the smoky wisps that is Casual Strangers, with their sonic textures combining instrumentation and electronics to provide ever building layers of sound.

Casual Strangers manage to negotiate a difficult space as although there is hint of psychedelia, it doesn’t become trippy and whilst arty doesn’t become self-indulgent and the listener is left with complexities of sound that fascinate the brain and find themselves drawn in to discover more. The vocal adds a spectral dimension to the already spacey sounds.

References can be drawn from a slew of genres and rather than muddle it all into a mess Casual Strangers is able to emerge with music that has an elegant eroticism that will, with fortune, provide them with the leverage to grow a wider audience.

Just over a year old the quartet have recently released their début ten track eponymous LP – which provides just over half an hour of pleasure and well worth getting hold of and dimming the lights to enjoy.

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