Casual Friday

Kyle Frasca (Guitar / Vocals), Keith Carroll (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar),  Cengiz Najarian (Bass / Vocals) and Adam Tonner (Drums) from New Jersey in the USA form the indie-pop band of Casual Friday.

Casual Friday - indie-pop from the USA

Casual Friday

There is an engaging tonality to Casual Friday that can’t help but captivate the imagination as the quartet add fizz to the anodyne. Populist Prosecco bubbles are distilled with drips of acidic lyric as the band takes a new look at the label led pink froth of the likes of Green Day and invests it with a parodying reflective which is amongst a myriad of reasons I should not be recommending you spend any time with the material – surprisingly I find myself toe-tapping around the room in joyful abandon.

Casual Friday is able to take the white-picket fences of suburbia and pencil in graffiti that captivates as much as it polarises and much like opposites attract, so I find myself thinking you too will find a sense of pleasure by getting to know of the band.

Perhaps it is a generational gap but when a band chooses as a reference point of major label – ‘leashed rebels’ as a starting point, who in turn were a pale parody of the genre they wish to be associated, I am saddened. However not withstanding, I get the feeling that when Casual Friday drop the Corporatism there is a striking out-put just waiting to be unleashed that will remind more of The Ramones, rather than the plastic PR of Blink-182 and for this reason – I do recommend getting to know the band in their early days.

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