Casual Friday – Self Destruct – Audio

The US new wave quartet Casual Friday release the LP Quarter Life Crisis this year.

Casual Friday - Self Destruct

Casual Friday

Introduced in 2015 next appearing in the 2016 New Year Ninety Chart, the interminable delay in a follow-up is less to do with them not releasing material rather my own inability to keep up with emails – though with great fortune I have finally got my act together to discover a band who have tautened everything up to a perspiration inducing soundtrack.

Released yesterday was the first track from the album – Self Destruct – a song which finds them with a far more compressed sound and my initial experience on hitting play may serve as a lesson I have learnt to pass on to you – before hitting play – ensure you have the speakers hassling that elusive ‘volume 11’ setting and make sure you have cleared plenty of space around you – I didn’t do the latter and ended up with bruised shins and scattered furniture all over the shop.

There is a refreshed website to reflect of their development.

Self Destruct – Casual Friday is available on iTunes.*

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