Carmella – The Wild – Single Review

Carmella is a duo from Los Angeles in the USA who have a new single coming out on the 28th September – The Wild.



The Wild finds Carmella in contemplative mood as the music wends its way to the ceiling and drips sounds like a stalactite. The combinations of keys, esoteric computer generated synthetics and a captivating vocal entrap the listener in a mineral deposit of evocative spaciousness. Akin to spectrum physics – there is a slow feed of colour combinations which the duo are able to extrapolate and the mind is captivated by the slowly changing spectral kaleidoscope.

Carmella have been able to deliver most from the contexts by the virtue of slowing the progressions, leaving the audience with plenty of time to follow the threads, whilst leaving touches that demand an instant replay to catch all the nuances.

For those of you who know Carmella this is of far darker textures than you will have heard in the previous release and marks a broad step-forward in the out-put.

I am already looking forward to the next EP.

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