Carjack Mallone – Another Riot Is Born – Audio

The English flange-rock outfit Carjack Mallone released the EP Drinking By Myself on the 9th.

Carjack Mallone

Carjack Mallone

Bristling in to a hard edged foment of anger Carjack Mallone is able to deliver music which is sentient of the ’10s in which silos of individuals communicate through binary code whilst believing they have connectivity as their lives, akin to a bath emptying water spirals down the plughole as waste.

This is music of tormented rage of societal constructs that have gone so wrong as it circumnavigates the belief that the lunatics having the taken over the asylum is perfectly the correct order and accepting of the 1% is accepted normality – which shakes the shoulders to the reality that the ‘facts’ espoused by socio-democratic Governments around the world in 2017 are not ‘facts of life’ rather facts of how the 99% are trained to behave like caged Pavlovian dogs – and needs to be played very loudly to break the trance of hypnotic neuro-linguist programming within which so many are enthralled.

From the four track EP (available on bandcamp) the closer Another Riot Is Born.

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