Candy Claws

Candy Claws is a dream pop project from Fort Collins in the USA made up of Kay BertholfKaren McCormick and Ryan Hover.

Candy Claws - Dream Pop from the USA

Candy Claws

No matter where you turn the dial the music will fill the head with it’s fuzzy immersiveness. The journey that is Candy Claws takes the listener on a mysterious journey into the recesses of the minds of the trio. Allow yourself plenty of time to settle back in the dreamy cloak that the band delivers, an exploration you just don’t want to end.

Somehow my three year delay in responding to the introduction seems appropriate. The gauzy veils that Candy Claws delivers makes for time standing still and the more you play, the more the mind wanders into realm of kaleidoscopic psychedelia. Whilst tracks rarely last four minutes, the effect seems as-though you have been away in a world of your own for far longer, much like being in a dream state.

In addition to the recorded tracks, Candy Claws can also be caught live when the line-up extends to five players.

This is a band best absorbed in a long session and I would urge you to find some time in the diary so to do.

My apologies to the band for taking three years to get back to the introduction, but as has always been the assurance, though I may not always be quick, all introductions will be listened to, even if that is only…… eventually.


Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time – Candy Claws is available on iTunes.*

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