Candle Bags

Candle Bags is the avant-garde-garage duo of Dirk Henrotay and Inge Henrotay from Hasselt in Belgium.

Candle Bags - avant-garde-garage from Belgium

Candle Bags

My thanks to Sarah for another review of a band with much to add to the world of music.

They have a raw sound, not in the way of death metal or hardcore, it’s a combination of 70’s, post-punk, garage-rock, stoner and so much more. One thing is sure, everything about Candle Bags is strange, alternative and experimental.

Dirk plays the guitar and combines it with an extended pedal-board, the bass drum, the hi-hats and the snare.  He’s like the Indian god, Shiva, with 6 arms. And Inge is the singer, playing the flute and crashing the cymbals. She’s more like Kali.

Essentially, it’s an energetic duo with a realistic view on the society, giving the listener comfort with solutions coming from deep sources.

A Candle Bags concert is unforgettable, it will be anchored in your sub conscience. I loved the hard, rough punk and also the lively, sensitive, groovy soul. If someone would say: “this combination isn’t possible”, I disagree. These contradictions create vibrations based on real-life experiences, where the hard realities of every day are covered with love and hope.

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Love Kills – EP – Candlebags is available on iTunes.*

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