Camel Blues Band – Hot Head – Single Review

The psychedelic-rock quartet, Camel Blues Band,  from the USA – released their début single – Hot Head – on the 11th.

Camel Blues Band

Camel Blues Band

Newly out of the blocks with a couple of local shows behind them the initial single Hot Head marks for an intriguing journey and one I hope that  continues for many years to come.

The combinations of instrumentation and synths allows Camel Blues Band to deliver a sound that has a warmth to it that immediately beckons the listener to tarry. Solid bass lines are torn by fused guitar that encircles the percussion as the slightly echoed vocal swims around the room.

In Hot Head (available on bandcamp) the quartet are able , in a track not lasting even three minutes,  to pack in a kaleidoscope of colours whilst not wandering into heavy tripping territory yet leaving the audience feeling they have been on an expansive carpet ride.

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