Calm & Crisis

Peter Bonaventure (Guitar / Vocals), Andrew Jordan (Bass) and Jake Diamond (Drums) form the Washington DC, USA, alt-rock band Calm & Crisis.

Calm & Crisis - photo credit Roxplosion

Calm & Crisis – photo credit Roxplosion

Able to fish between rough and tumble waves of foundation rattling vitriol as well as cast into eddies of burbling agitation Calm & Crisis is a trio with much to offer the world of music.

Formed in latter part of 2014 the trio emerged with a quick four track EP It Always Rains On Wednesdays in January 2015 before heading back out on the road to hone their craft. Bright and chirpy as their earlier material was, the eleven track LP – In A Good Place which surfaced a few days ago finds a tighter and more optimised space as they turn ideas to considered compositions.

Fusillades of pulverising percussion are mellowed betwixt acoustic and electronic guitar through which bass is given reign to blow valves or calmly net the catch as the vocal sets the theme of the disparity of tracks on In A Good Place, which they use to showcase their repertoire, even introducing a piano for the final track – Barely Here.

Whilst I am fully supportive of what is in essence a ‘concept album’ as a first major release, I look forward to future material, when I hope to discover the defining engine room of Calm & Crisis as despite having spent forty minutes in their company with In A Good Place and another quarter of an hour with It Always Rains On Wednesdays, I am still unclear as to the essence of the trio, other than I am glad I have been in their company.

Though perhaps the name of the band is, in itself, the explanation of the conundrum of the boisterous and the equable.

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