Callwaker from Saint Paul in the USA is the synthwave trio of Jack Kalyuzhny (Drums), Tom Pliner (Synths / Vocals) and Jeremy Kuecker (Synths / Vocals).

Callwalker - synthwave from the USA


The evolving sounds of Callwalker float mesmerically around  the room in a hive of activity. The trio manage to avoid the cliché of the genre of the ever developing loop and the addition of the drum-kit allows the band to develop the tracks around a solid pivot.

Whilst certainly invoking recollections of Tubeway Army, this is not a copy as Callwalker deploy beats for the current generation.

Although having been around for well under a year and with limited material to hear, which almost inevitably means exploring a range of spaces. What I have heard has had me smiling happily as the band already has been able to establish a signature sound of the wobbling vocal synth combination that is resultant from the influences and I look forward to listening to their development as they solidify their ideas sonically.

There is no reason this sound won’t transfer to the stage too and I wish them well with their musical journey.

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