Calling All Astronauts – Living The Dream – Audio

Slightly earlier than anticipated back in October – the English Goth-rock band Calling All Astronauts surfaced with their LP Anti-Social Hero a few hours ago.

Calling All Astronauts - Living The Dream

Calling All Astronauts – Living The Dream

Whilst available on pre-order via only Amazon at this juncture Anti-Social Network* due for official release on the 11th of March is something I am able to share with you and my pick of the release is the first of the eleven tracks – Living The Dream.

A vocal that grinds up and down the loins in red-lipped glory like a fluffer at a porn-shoot caresses sounds that the audience wants to have as a theme for a mirrored mutual masturbation session whilst the darkened cloak of caped bass slams shut escape routes as guitar serenades and the drum kit leashes the neck in a hands and knee supplication as gently teased velvet gloved synths entice abandoned self-satisfaction.

Rather than flouncing off in despair of yet another drunken one night stand the remaining just under forty minutes of Anti-Social Network, despite the title, lay in emphatic caress.

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