Calling All Astronauts – Life As We Know It – Video

The English alt-electro band Calling All Astronauts release the single Life As We Know It on the 23rd of December.

Calling All Astronauts - Life As We Know It

Calling All Astronauts

Since first being introduced in 2013 Calling All Astronauts have never been shy at coming up with new ideas and Life As We Know It is no break to that tradition in a just over four minute number removing their regular top coat of darkness and delivering a track in which the electronics take a back-seat to the distinctive vocal.

Though don’t expect to be tripping the light-fantastic as underneath that top coat lays another moody presence in the package of the release – which comes as the original and three remixes.

Life as We Know It – EP – Calling All Astronauts is available on iTunes.*

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