Calling All Astronauts – Empire – Audio

The electro-goth trio Calling All Astronauts were initially introduced back in May 2013.

Calling All Astronauts - Empire

Calling All Astronauts

A one third change up in line-up finds Kristi Bury being replaced by Paul McCrudden on Bass. A new LP Anti-Social Network is planned for release in February 2016. With some joy a track from the album – Empire – will be released as part of a one track plus four remix single on the 27th of November.

Empire demands a volume adjustment, along with a bass setting to rattle the walls. This is so dark you can feel the whips flaying in the S&M dungeon.

A beguiling synth pours mist into the room accompanied by pulsing beat and guitar which finds the hidden corners. The highlight is the grinding vocal which tempts the audience with its brooding flirtation. Given my predilection, as you know, for bass, which is also given plenty of scope within the track, you can rest assured the voice is something special.

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