Caleb Kopta – Anything – Single Review

The US rock’n’roller Caleb Kopta released the single Anything on the 24th.

Caleb Kopta

Caleb Kopta

A journey through the back-catalogue of material by Caleb Kopta finds a musician with boots well and truly planted in classic US rock from the ’60s and ’70s with Anything stepping from the period too.

That doesn’t by any-means reflect this is all just a rehash of what has come before, rather there is a currency of output and freshness of sound that holds the attention of an audience across many eras.

Anything, to me, is however the strongest track in the catalogue with a greater sense of self-confidence, free-expression and enjoyment being palpable through the speakers.


Anything – Caleb Kopta is available on iTunes.*

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