Cajsa Siik

Cajsa Siik based in Stockholm in Sweden is an alt-folk singer song-writer.

Cajsa Siik - alt-folk from Sweden

Cajsa Siik

Originating from the north of Sweden just outside Umeå, this early fishing village isolation affords the internal constructs of songs to hark of open seas and endless nights and days, giving the overall out-put of Cajsa Siik the sense that on hitting play the doors and windows should be open to allow the music to run it’s free course, untrammelled by confines.

This is material that needs the mind to be as free as the thoughts behind the music to be enjoyed to its fullest extent. Cajsa Siik is able to take the audience from dreamy landscapes, to the discernible ridges, seen only by this with an intimacy of white-outs, like a guide leading a trepidatious explorer. The longer you spend in company the more the music forms into an enrapturing gentle embrace from which you don’t ever want to escape.

Most certainly not something to take out on the morning commute, else you will find yourself alighting at a random stop to explore, but something to which even the most committed urban dweller can take with them to investigate the hidden alleyways and gardens of the local brickwork.

A new single is being released today Relentless Delight, which finds Cajsa Siik in a more driven mood than previous releases have flowed.


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