Caitlin Glennon – Working For You – Audio

The US melancholic-rock’n’roller Caitlin Glennon is set to release the LP Separate Grooves on the 2nd of November.

Caitlin Glennon

Caitlin Glennon

As those who know the site well I always find pianoforte is able to extract the entrails of the thought process and Caitlin Glennon is a musician initially trained on classical piano who has extended her range to analogue synth and clavichord enabling the good time red brothel-creepers dance-tracks to cloak themselves in a more oppressive melancholia, providing a scintillating contrast betwixt day-glo yellow sunshine socks and morose contemplation.

Having had the opportunity to wander through the Separate Grooves – I am able to attest this is an album worth gathering upon release, particularly looking out for the fifth track Tenement Cove, which sadly I am not permitted to share with you – though the second number, which is the most upbeat on the LP – Working For You is a fair runner up – which I am allowed to let you hear.


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