Cable35 – Uni Hangover – Single Review

The England based alt-rock trio Cable35 released a new single on the 17th – Uni Hangover.

Cable35 - Uni Hangover - artwork

Cable35 – Uni Hangover – artwork

Each time I return to Cable35, who sill retain strong links with Malta where they can often be seen playing, they have something new to bring to the table.

Uni Hangover has a much tighter sound than much of the material previously featured and although the pace and volume are less dramatic, Cable35 have lost none of their energy. The track launches from the speakers with an immediate hive of activity. The most notable change being the vocal, which blends inside the music far more than in the past, which is what gives the song its more unified feel.

Although Uni Hangover is not currently being released as a single to purchase it does appear that Cable35 spent some time in the recording studio towards the latter end of last year and I look forward to hearing what else there is in the cupboard.

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