C-Types from Mainz in Germany is a Garage Rock band comprising W Galore (Vocals / Guitar), Sir Weeze (Keys) and Xam (Drums).

C-Types - Garage Rock from Germany


A sense of the absurd is the order of the day and on hitting play you get the feeling that The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been updated. This is music to party to and sets a great scene for Friday. Banging rock ‘n’ Roll trips out of the speakers and the body is lifted up for a spin around the dance floor. As with fantastical as the costumes there is nothing to do other than join in the fun as C-Types extend tunes of sheer enthusiasm and trashy rock.

Whilst music covers similar themes, they are able to change tack a little, to generate sounds that keep the audience interested. Never extending the music beyond the minimalist it isn’t easy to keep the brain engaged, but C-Types have created a sound full of theatrics and hip shakes that keep the listener with them for the duration. Don’t however be fooled into thinking they don’t care, they also ensure decent production qualities which keeps the music distinct and sharply defined as they take the time and effort to work with those who add the greatest value to recordings.

If you get even the slightest pleasure from letting your hair down from time to time, these three are a sound to have to hand.


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