By Torchlight – As Long As You’re Here – Audio

By Torchlight is the acoustic new wave project of Thom Hall from the USA.

By Torchlight

By Torchlight

The bleeding tonsils launch themselves in to the room in confrontational rawness and as a reader you will either recoil in horror or have faith that I am not leading you astray.

It is for the very fact that the vocals and guitar clash against each other akin to cars in a head-on collision that makes the Celtic rock tinged harsh barrenness a sound that grabs hold of the listener by the lapels and shakes hard which gives the material its elemental attraction.

On the 18th the five track, just over a quarter of an hour, EP One More Night (available on bandcamp) saw the light of day and a fine release it is too and well worth adding to the collection. It will be interesting to see if this project has longer legs with the preponderance of each track to be a variation of the same theme – but time will tell and not of importance when considering the EP in isolation. My pick of the selection is the opener – As Long As You’re Here.

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