Buzz Kull

Buzz Kull from Sydney in Australia is the alt-synth duo of Rebecca Liston and Marcel Whyler.

Buzz Kull - alt-synth from Australia

Buzz Kull

The music sweeps the room in oscillating refractions as Buzz Kull entwine vocal and sound generators into a seamless whump which rebounds around the room akin to a squash court ball in play.

The duo create an epiblast of ephemeral notes which are allowed to effervesce before disappearing as succinctly as they appeared whilst above reigns a vocal that wraps itself in the mind. Buzz Kull evidently work hard on the creation of their multitudinous layers of sound which means that new recordings are sparse, equally their live appearances are in bursts of activity before they head back to hone their thoughts into a new aural cornucopia of sound. Their attention to the minutest detail makes the wait more than worth the while as the resulting out-put is something you just want to keep on playing in a continual loop.

The only consternate being will they return to fill the ears with more, after two years of creativity you just have to remain optimistic and look forward to what ever comes next from Buzz Kull.

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