Buttercream 87 feat. D.Ni.L – Living Festival (He Loved It All) – Single Review

Buttercream 87 is an English synthwave creator.



The latest song to surface – Living Festival (He Loved It All) – which was revealed on the 30th of December, a collaboration with the English musician D.Ni.L, is an upbeat retro-dance track which invites the listener to disrobe their lives from the artifice of social mores in which all are expected to live the life of a template as stamped out by a bureaucrat – and enjoy moments as they arise.

The shifting electronica providing the structural architecture for a vocal which slips between baritone and countertenor that affords the song its organic temperament and finds the listener joining in, in easy dance-step.

Buttercream 87 doesn’t have a website or social media page to which I am able to direct you, nor a photographic image – hence the accompanying image of D.Ni.L.

D.Ni.Lsocial media page

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