Busy Kingdom

Busy Kingdom is the indie rock band from Melbourne in Australia comprising Michael EtheringtonBrendan EtheringtonCurtis Ardolino and Alex Barnard.

Busy Kingdom - indie rock from Australia

Busy Kingdom

The lightness of touch reminds me of the unique pale blue flame arising from igniting copper-chloride, inviting and fascinating for its very existence. But you weren’t here for chemistry and neither was I…

The quartet is able to deliver music which flickers around the room, demanding of attention but ever spectral, as Busy Kingdom skitter in the higher registers delivering music which is always engaging, yet never reachable. When a band is able to produce a sound that you just want to grab hold of in embrace, you know you are listening to something that matters.

Guitars shimmer back and forth across the room whilst the subdued accompaniment slides into the ears with luxuriance.  Busy Kingdom proffer sounds in which to relax and spend time. The quartet are able to hold melodic compositions with a direction of travel, keeping the audience engaged in the glossy silk of the resulting output.

Busy Kingdom is a band to take in, either as a home gathering with friends or in live performance where the compositions enrapture the ears in a wrap of delightful indulgence.


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