Burnt Tomorrow

Burnt Tomorrow from Reading in England is the folk-rock quartet of Simon Driscoll (Guitar / Lead Vocal), Gabs De Tena (Bass / Backing Vocals), Jack Douglas (Drums / Backing Vocals) and JP Fleuret (Piano / Accordion / Ukulele).

Burnt Tomorrow - folk-rock from England

Burnt Tomorrow


Originally formed in 2009 as a three piece for a one off gig, although enjoying the experience, it took Burnt Tomorrow a while to get their act together finally becoming a four-piece and playing local venues. It wasn’t until April last year that they released their debut LP My First Mistake. Now setting their eyes to further horizons aiming to bring their live shows to a wider audience. It was a good thing that the original trio enjoyed the first gig else the world of music would have lost some well put together material.

Combining  a diversity of influences within the line-up Burnt Tomorrow deliver an earthy rock pillar to folk and country textures giving the material a depth and quality that has the ability to sweep up the listener in the sounds being delivered. Not overplaying any one hand the quartet provides a gentle rocking motion which is easy to spend time as the switches between vocal emphasis and supporting instruments gives pieces different sounds which fulcrum around bass and percussion laden tracks.

Easy on the ears, yet somehow captivating.


My First Mistake – Burnt Tomorrow is available on iTunes*

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