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The English slowcore duo Burnt Pixels released the LP Tropisims on the 1st.

Burnt Pixels

Burnt Pixels

An approximately fifty minutes, dozen track, album (available on bandcamp) that finds the listener becoming ever more engrossed by the release as it meanders between contrasts of insular introspective melancholia and upbeat well disposed outward looking optimism, which while seeming at odds with one another, never feels as such and is a well thought through testament to the quality of the rationale for an LP that is intended as a reflective of life which itself is fraught with self-doubt and equally unbounded delight.

The gazey guitar slowly folds around the subdued vocal while the bending notes give the songs a slightly hallucinogenic afterglow that spreads in to the bloodstream slowing down the synapses making for an album which is best heard, both in full and with plenty of time on completion to reconfigure the brain prior to undertaking anything requiring concentration.

Of little surprise to regular readers I do find myself more attuned to the darker moments in Tropisims, though given the style of the music, references above to upbeat needs to be taken as a relative comparison rather than as absolutes, yet ultimately – as indicated by the title of the LP – the mood is positive for the future and the listener is left facing the light.

My pick of the release being the opener Entanglement.

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