Brockley Forest

Brockley Forest is the alt- rock duo of Dec and Seb from Bristol in England.

Brockley Forest alt-rock from England

Brockley Forest

The minimalism of set-up – an acoustic guitar through a distorted amp and a stripped down drum kit allows Brockley Forest to create expressive music which for it’s very rawness has an intense impact on the listener. With creative skills outside of purely music, Dec is a script writer and Seb a photographer, the two are able to capture those abilities to add value to both the visual and song-writing definition of the band.

The duo are able to to deliver music which both sonically and lyrically encapsulates the message of the tracks enabling the listener to open their ears and enjoy the creativity and ability, whilst enthusiastically looking forward to the next piece of music. A three track EP 2nd Nature is scheduled for digital release on the 2nd June along with a physical release later in the year.

Whilst an oppressive brooding sense of mystery lays throughout their material, of the five songs I have had the opportunity to hear each tells a story from a very distinctive angle and emphasis. Attesting the strength in depth that Brockley Forest possess between the two of them.

Brockley Forest is a band I both expect and want to hear much more of in the future.


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