Broad And Narrow

Broad And Narrow is a rock band from Cambridge in Canada comprising Nate Toews (Vocals / Guitar / Drums) and Brent Nowlan (Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Keys).

Broad And Narrow - rock from Canada

Broad And Narrow

Broad And Narrow are the third band reviewed today with a Cambridge connection – each Cambridge in a different country and each musical style completely different. The duo are experienced players who formed the band just over a year ago and have just released their debut LP We Saw This Coming.

Very much an in the middle of the road mellow, slightly melancholic rock band, the storytelling is well constructed with the feel of the music reflecting the tale unfolding, which gives the duo a relevance as they seek to compose songs that resonate of a moment rather than forcing two disparate ideas together. Between the two of them there are a multitude of instruments and effects that could be deployed, yet, they avoid over production keeping the material on an even kilter.

Whilst working well as a studio recording out-fit it will be interesting to see how, or if, Broad And Narrow transition to a live plugged-in band. Though not one to sit on my everyday playlist, that isn’t to say it shouldn’t be on yours as the duo deliver music of the highest quality, it just happens to be in a style that I don’t play everyday.

I wish the duo every success and look forward to finding out how the sounds and live performances develop over the coming months for Broad And Narrow.


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