Bright Dog Red – Bullet Proof Shoes – Single Review

Bright Dog Red is a US freewave collective.

Bright Dog Red

Bright Dog Red

You may instinctively have thought that a single review meant that the track lasted for around three minutes or so – however those who have been with the site for a while do know it is possible to hit play, cook supper, eat the meal and still have time to relax with a cup of coffee before the song has finished – this is one of those occasions.

Just over half an hour of extemporised psychedelic jazz-hop trickles through the room in Bullet Proof Shoes (available on bandcamp) in a track that has a dark air about it reflective of the parlous state of social cohesion which exists throughout the globe, evoked visually by the release artwork of the unlaced footwear which stands as powerful an image as if they were depicted tied over hanging cables.


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