Brat Sounds – Sinking Feeling – Audio

The US garage-rock band Brat Sounds released the EP Gatorade on the 16th.

Brat Sounds

Brat Sounds

The opening track – Sinking Feeling – on the four track release (available on bandcamp) compresses the scowl upon which Brat Sounds sneers at the world of social anxiety in a just over two minute mining of the self-serving fragility of – ‘but, I am offended’ with an acidic repost.

Rarely do a music combo sum up a declination of the pathetic bleatings of the ‘I am all that matters’ generation with such humour or good grace. Even those of the ‘Millennial generation’ which this track pours vitriol may look inside their plastic lives and laugh at their own self-righteousness, though I tend to think they will take a listen and comment ‘This is a nasty track – I matter most, stop laughing at me’.

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