BOYS a dream pop-out-fit from London in England is Mike Stothard, Ross Pearce and Daniel Heffernon.

BOYS - Dream pop from England


Despite changes in line-up since their inception back in 2012, the focus has remained the same for BOYS. Warming tones of summer drift lazily through the room in subdued and hazy compositions. This is music to grab a chilled drink, put up your feet and relax as the sounds gently caress the ears.

There is an easy flow to the music as the instruments, vocal and percussion float through each other in tracks which soothe the mind. Almost surf, not quite psychedelic and always unhurried, BOYS have the knack of translating mellow moments to sound and whilst there is considerable activity through the pieces, it is delivered in a style which leaves the listeners easily able to immerse themselves in the moment.

A new track has just appeared Summer Of Love to follow on from a couple of singles and a three track EP that have been released in the past year.

Having spent a while in their company listening to their music, even I may manage to extend my soothed brow for the rest of the day…

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