Boy Wonders

The new-wave project of Derek January is the newly formed Boy Wonders from Pittsburgh in the USA.

Boy Wonders - new-wave from the USA

Boy Wonders

If like me you wondered what CBGBs would have sounded like if they had done a breakfast session Boy Wonders answer the question. More than that they take a look at Devo mid-morning, but rather than sounding like an idea gone wrong, they are able to pitch in with new ideas.

Boy Wonders are able to take retro and sling it in to the future and one senses that they are a band not of the ’10s rather the ’20s as they contemplate of a narrative of post Clinton / Trump run-off and a post apocalypse of The Stasi having returned from East Germany to consume the USA. There is a sadness and bitterness that shuffles out of the speakers which reminds me somehow of Brave New World by Huxley.

Considering I have only had three tracks to hear as that is all there is as they haven’t yet played live or got round to anything else you may think I am being a little presumptive. My thoughts are a little different – if you don’t have Boy Wonders on the playlist you are perhaps more interested in musical history and this isn’t the site you should be reading.

I anticipate by the time most people will have got round to them they will be a four piece as they create music that needs more than two players for full live effect.

Where can you find the music, their current social media page and their website? Bandcamp.

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