Bottlecock is an experimental sludge trio from Brisbane in Australia, comprising Flynn (Drums), Kerley (Bass) and Murphy (Guitar).

Bottlecock - experimental sludge from Australia


With tracks ranging from fractured, approaching quarter of an hour, flights of fantasy, to directed pieces at under three minutes Bottlecock have something to offer anyone with an interest in the obscure. This is music to take out for a lengthy run, with a mind seeking to soak up some startling landscapes.

The underlying droning bass is shorn by a guitar that cleaves its way through the soundwaves as a munching percussion bubbles in obstinance, to which sparse lyrics float in eerie delivery. With their first releases coming out in the past year Bottlecock have been able to put together an impressive array of sounds that are well worth investing the time to get to know.

The underbelly of discordance is pulled together, with compositions which seem to have no direction of travel forming delightful moments in time and when the listener gives the tracks the room needed they form completed encapsulations which bear immediate replay.

This is a trio I look forward to hearing much more of over the coming years.

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The Bottlecock  LP Record is available on bandcamp.

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