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BOPEK is an experimental-rock quartet from the Philippines.



With only a couple of tracks to hear, the latest by BOPEK – Paraiso came to light within the past twenty-four hours.

The opening of drum roll and vocal is merely a screen for the complex experimentalism of the five and a half minutes of Paraiso. Elements of dampened maths-jazz strings are blended with extensively delayed and reverbed guitar as BOPEK gradually unfurl their ideas, which are not designed to make life easy, though they do provide a helping hand to bring the listener along with them.

There can be little doubt Paraiso is a Marmite track as you will either be enthralled by the developing sound-scape, which I am, or recoil in abject despair. Either way you will be left dumbstruck. As regular readers will know, I am a Marmite fan else I wouldn’t have asked you to spend the time to consider BOPEK – for those not in the UK – a search will explain the obscure reference to Marmite and polar opposite reactions, so – I pass my thanks to Anna for dropping me the introduction.

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