Boat Race Weekend – Broken Teeth – Audio

The US Emo trio Boat Race Weekend release the EP Throw Your Head To The World! on the 14th of October.

Boat Race Weekend - Throw Your Head To The World! - artwork

Boat Race Weekend – Throw Your Head To The World! – artwork

The second track of the four on Throw Your Head To The World! (available on bandcampBroken Teeth despite gaps in the smile still finds delight in standing upright despite all that is thrown as Boat Race Weekend topsy-turn a world of pulverising punches to the face to discover there is more to the 99% than what the 1% offer as table-scraps.

Boat Race Weekend whilst evoking of the broken world in which they exist – rather than lading themselves with subservience – offer a feisty brand of insouciance to confront and confuse those who have normalised insurrection with a clarion shriek of ‘terrorist threat’ and discover in Broken Teeth a discombobulation to their ‘world order’, as it neither threatens, nor offers resistance – merely responds with icy stare.

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