BLXPLTN is the new wave trio of TaSzlin Muerte (Electro Drums / Vocals), Jonathan Horstmann (Bass / Synth / vocals) and Khattie (Guitar) from Austin in the USA.

BLXPLTN - new wave from the USA


A flow of molten metal sears through the speakers as BLXPLTN deliver their rage in a furious exchange. Laying down and listening to the music is not an option as the trio raise challenges to preconceptions and the status quo.

The mix of electronics and instrumentation allows BLXPLTN to produce an industrial backdrop to the flailing axe like guitars in an unending stream of volatile explosives. More than this, despite the high energy and frustrations, the trio is able to harness the under-laying power to deliver impressively layered sounds that capture the audience between a pogo and stark fascination.

These are a group of experienced musicians, although BLXPLTN itself if only about a year old and their prior knowledge is brought to bear, enabling them to deliver music full of angst, whilst able to create music which holds up in its own right.

An LP – Black Cop Down, which is nine tracks pursuing the theme of social justice, is set for release next month.


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