Blue Snaggletooth

Blue Snaggletooth from Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the USA is the heavy metal quartet of Chris Taylor (Guitar / Vocals), Casey O’Ryan (Guitar), Joe Kupiec (Bass) and Mike Popovich (Drums).

Blue Snaggletooth - Heavy Metal from the USA

Blue Snaggletooth

After the New Year Ninety Chart yesterday Blue Snaggletooth mark the first return to normal programming for 2015 and guess what – forget your hang-over – turn up the volume and bang your head in time as the quartet bring the first drops of perspiration to the walls for the new year.

When I listen to rock this dirty I am minded of a chap I went to school with back in the ’70s – who at every opportunity would don his torn jeans jacket emblazoned with pin buttons. As I was and remain a punk rocker who never managed at the time to get beyond three chords (to be fair I still struggle sometimes) but in Blue Snaggletooth I can understand precisely why he sank his soul into Heavy Metal. Four decades on I find myself in-tune with ‘Piggy’ Randall.

The gritty determinism and eviscerations tear into the body with a purposeful intent and the audience can’t help but be caught up in the combinations. Percussion rings around the room like a compère introducing the elements of Blue Snaggletooth, whilst performing its own magic. The guitars dramatise the music whilst a growling bass brings it all back to earth and the vocal demands the instrumentation raises its game and the resulting out-put leaves the audience with ringing ears, aching neck and a smiling face.

The only consternation that exists is the slow drip feed of material. It was in 2009 that the band formed – two years until the first LP – Dimension Thule – a further three years to the next Beyond Thule – one can only help that this formula is broken else it will be 2018 until we hear anything new.


Beyond Thule – Blue Snaggletooth is available on iTunes.*

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