BLOWSIGHT based in Stockholm, Sweden, is the rock band of Nick Red ( Lead vocals / Guitar), Seb (Guitar / Vocals), Mao (Bass / Vocals) and Fabz (Drums / Vocals).

BLOWSIGHT - rock from Sweden


Driving rock beats across the room as BLOWSIGHT deliver something with a difference. The chorus of vocals give the band a more considered approach than would be anticipated. This is accompanied by intricate guitar interplay which allows the band to provide music that whilst polished, isn’t so buffered as to stray into middle of the road mellow rock, as they equally know how and where to dirty it all up a bit.

It is their ability to blur the borders of ‘respectability’ with those of stained leather jackets, that has enabled BLOWSIGHT to be well received across many countries. The quartet compose songs which range from the theatric, where large stages would be the ideal live presentation, to more intimate venues with tightly woven harrying pieces. Despite this variety, there is a discernible thread of sound which keeps the listener engaged with the out-put.


Life & Death – Blowsight is available on iTunes*.

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